The Tramway Factory

In the past ...

L'Usine des Tramways autrefois

The electric tramway network was born on November the 1st 1900. Two lines, run by the « Société béarnaise des tramways urbains » (SBTU), followed a system of local trains with horses that had lived only three years.
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... today

L'Usine des Tramways aujourd'hui

Today owned by the « Communauté d'Agglomération Pau-Pyrénées » the building has been renewed to welcome the Archives Section an a part of the Media library on the ground floor of the former garage. The public will find a consultation room, a showroom and one dedicated to lectures. The construction of a new building entirely dedicated to storage will enable the protection of the Heritage of the city, with ultimate conditions.
L'Usine des Tramways, photo : Jean-Christophe Poulmeyrol


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From the boulevard ...

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